1-st ARMEVA Workshop

April 2nd, 2015 Sint-Truiden, BE. An insight in the development of high speed reluctance motors, a great opportunity to discuss the potential of innovative reluctance traction motors, and a chance to make a test drive in a car powered with a Switched Reluctance Motor! ARMEVA Workshop – Agenda

 On April 2, about 30 guests for the workshop were welcomed in Sint-Truiden. Every partner was given a time slot to present the work done so far with the emphasis on the applicability of the motor technology. Two aspects of the assessment, efficiency over different drive cycles and the noise study, were also given the right attention considering the required efforts and obtained results. A speaker from Mitsubishi gave a more detailed view on the powertrain of the Outlander PHEV.

The assessment was presented with the Switched Reluctance Motor as winner. At the same time it was indicated that the two other motor technologies have a potential worth further investigation. Finally, the external visitors were requested for their feedback and some interesting suggestions were made. The day ended with a test drive with a EV passenger car built by Punch Powertrain.

1st workshop